About Me

It’s incredible where passion can take you in life. For me, it led me to my dream job of becoming a pet photographer. For as long as I can remember, animals have always held a special place in my heart. They somehow always became the main subject in my photographs, and I fall in love with each one of them. One could say I was living my best life.

There is nothing more magical than capturing the spirit of your beloved pet in a photo. It gives me pleasure being able to create a beautiful photograph with soulful personality of people’s furry loved ones and transform them into memories to adorn on walls, frames, and albums. I enjoy photographing animals (and their person) in a way that is artistic, genuine, and so full of life. If you are needing memorable portraits of your pet, then I’m your girl.

​I understand how much an animal can mean to you. Usually, people tend to assume pet photographers only shoot cats and dogs. My difference is that I accept and enjoy reptiles, bunnies, horses, fish, you name it. My door is open for all creatures! Every pet has its distinct characteristics, making each session completely unique.

​If you are looking to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, we can do a dog-friendly cake smash! Rejoice in a health milestone with your old, senior buddy, or capture tender, end of life moments of your fur-child of 15 years. The possibilities are endless, and honestly, you don’t need an excuse to remember moments with your best friend.

​To sum me up, I’m a mama bear, animal lover, photographer, crazy wife, rocker with a southern accent, and a die-hard Foo Fighters fan.

​Now that you have met me, let me meet you! Just send me a message at any time so that I can send you a client guide. If you are on social media look me up on Instagram or Facebook. I cannot wait to hear from you. Let's have some fun!

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of ones soul remains unawakened."

—Anatole France