Why are photographers expensive?

Updated: Feb 26

With the rage of social media and wanting to have the best pictures to show off I'm sure that you have considered hiring a photographer. You look around seeing various websites looking for that cheap deal. Problem is getting a photographer is not cheap.

When looking at a photographers packages packages you must be thinking "Are they nuts?", well the truth is no. There are so many aspects of photography that involve more than just bring the camera and taking your picture.


Have you ever seen how much a professional camera costs? Not only this but the lenses, flashes, lighting, props, and backdrops are just a few of the things that we buy just to make sure we can give you quality photos.


Between the monthly fees for photoshop and adobe for editing the costs can add up quick. Some photographers even buy other programs on top of this.


I have to pay to attend workshops, meetings, and member fees to make sure that I am continuously qualified and up to date on my skills and knowledge. There are always new products, software, and styles that need to be learned to keep up with the curve. Compare this to a hairstylist that has not learned anything new since the 80's. Would you go to that stylist?


This is the biggest thing that takes from a photographers pay. I personally set out 25% of each of my shoots just for taxes. Small business photographers pay A LOT in taxes.

This is just 4 examples of the make up that goes into determining our prices. I could give you a list of so many other things that go into running a photography business but I hope my point has been made with these.

“Woah! That much for 1o pictures?!”

So the next time that you think "Woah! That much for 1o pictures?". Think about the time we will spend not only taking, but editing your photos. Think of the money we are trying to make back for the props that you used. Think of the taxes we are going to pay just like any other working individual.

We are not trying to gouge you. We are trying to give you quality while getting paid what we deserve.

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